3D Printing Helping Oil Pot OM310-1 "Weight Reduction"

According to the requirement and experience of global customers, CTC used the advanced 3D printing technology to complete the work of ¡°weight reduction¡± in the process of upgrading the oil bath air filter part ¨C oil basin (Model:OM310-1) relying on Global R&D Platform.On the premise of guaranteeing the quality and shortening the development time, the weight of oil basin has been reduced from 1700g to 590g, and the weight reduction range has reached 1100g, which makes the installation and maintenance of customers more simple and fast, and greatly improves customer satisfaction.

The application of new technology enables the company to achieve rapid product development and market response ability, and to meet market demand in a timely, efficient and scientific way of technology and production under the circumstances of diverse demand.