Sharing opens a new journey, cooperation and stable development

Congratulations on the partner successful of trenching and cabling machine in July 2019. The all-in-one machine is the all-new equipment developed and delivered in China. It can be applied to continuous operation in the fields of railway, telecommunication and water conservancy. At the beginning of the project, our company cooperated with the client to provide a high-quality solution for the air intake system of the engine.

The person in charge of the project pointed out that the R&D trenching and cabling machine was invested by the government, to create a new model of dual-use, pursuing diversified product performance, providing support for coping with complex construction situations and saving equipment layout. It is 1.2 meters deep and 50 cm wide. It is suitable for construction work in various fields. The machine have been fully tested and delivered to Xinjiang customers, and the government officially named it "Silk road No.1".

Ditching and cabling machine, one end is excavator and one end is digging machine, which makes it possible for one equipment to meet a variety of tasks. The success of our products will create a new situation in the market of multi-directional operation.

As a partner, our filter can be selected in a variety of customer selection, testing, and experimental comparisons. It is the biggest award for our company's products. We hope that Silk Road No. 1 and more updated models, the field is booming, and we are looking forward to our company's extensive and in-depth cooperation with more clients In the future.