Team building in Tonglu

     The picturesque world!

     Fairly restful days!

     A group of friends with the same dreams, Passionate progress team enjoy three-day trip in Tonglu with Lichma. Although this trip has encountered extreme weather, it does not extinguish the enthusiasm of everyone staying together. The mountains and the waters, in the ancient and new view, the rain and the wind, everyone with the most optimistic attitude, the most passionate meets to climbing to the top of the mountain, hand in hand with the shoal drifting, walk through the old town of Jiangnan, and visit the fairyland cave.   

    The team building activities in the summer will not only help to strengthen the cohesiveness and execution of the team, but also realize the planning exchange and business prospects of the work in the second half of the year. Everyone is striving for intertwining, happy, chattering, and looking forward to a new sailing.