Goodbye 2019, hello 2020

In order to thank all employees of the group for their hard work in 2019, Shanghai Filtrone industrial group held the 2019 annual meeting in Yangzhou, which lasted for three days from January 5 to January 7. This annual meeting was arranged with multiple links, so that everyone could enjoy the relaxed and happy life and feel the warmth of the enterprise like home after one year's hard work.

In this activity, all employees of the group listened to various work reports and new year's plans, looked back on the past and looked forward to the future; participated in the tour of Yangzhou Slender West Lake, private garden, Daming Temple and other scenic spots and historic sites to cultivate their mind and body and forget their hard work; enjoyed the rich Jianghuai famous dishes, during which, the wine was full of Filtrone people's enthusiasm; participated in the lively annual meeting lottery, which was full of good luck for Filtrones people . With laughter and exhaustion, excitement and gratitude, let's get together for a short time to give a warm hug, which will surely lead to a better 2020.

Ask Jiangnan partners, who like me, drunk Yangzhou!

The new journey is about to start. After drinking the wine, we will set sail again!