Fighting against Coronavirus, Shanghai FILTRONE acts bravely

In January 2020, the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis on Chinese industry has been fully revealed. Due to this impact, Shanghai Fenchuang employees cannot return to work, suppliers cannot provide parts, logistics lags, etc. Therefore, the production and operation schedule of the enterprise is greatly reduced, which in turn affects the product supply to customers.

Epidemic situation, in order to ensure the delivery of orders to customers worldwide, under the premise of meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention, the company has now resumed part of the operation of the enterprise and strived to meet customer requirements.

  On February24, the company held an important meeting on implementing the 2020 anti-coronary virus prevention measures and ensuring market supply, and made the following decisions:

  First, continue to promote the return of employees, implement a rotation system, and implement people-oriented management measures such as reducing individual work intensity and providing good protective facilities. To ensure the connection of sales, finance, logistics and other related businesses.

  Second, make every effort to resume the production of products that are urgently needed. In addition, in the face of problems such as incomplete and timely supply of domestic parts and components at the current stage, we will Focus on global sourcing to make up for domestic market shortages and ensure production supply.

  Third, to deal with the logistics problems that are seriously lagging at this stage, communicate well with all parties in advance, and strive to minimize the impact. Dispose of each batch for storage.

  In the current situation of the epidemic, although we are facing many challenges temporarily, although we are facing the challenge of increasing costs, we must do our utmost to meet the global strategy of the group and meet the needs of customers.

  Come on£¬Wuhan! Come on, China!